Annoying People that Disrupts Your Morning

@jemzchix (116)
April 27, 2012 12:25am CST
Good day myLotters! i just had a very bad morning. i just had a fight with a PUV driver on my way to work. You see, I was waiting for my next PUV ride. then , this PUV stopped in front of me, so, certainly, i would be riding it. but then, seeing that it's almost full, i declined the offer and will just wait for another PUV. but the driver insisted that I can still fit in, and me, who is hurrying for work, obliged and squeezed in with the other passengers. i did not notice, but the PUV was actually apprehended by the traffic enforcer for stopping and picking up passengers on a No Stopping area. I was not aware of it because there were many people who where also standing in that area, also waiting for PUVs. how the would i know that it was not a stopping area? also, other PUVs were stopping and picking up passengers there. so, as i settled in, and after the driver got his ticket for violating traffic rules, he suddenly stepped on the gas and drove so fast! other passengers were even complaining to slow down his driving, but he suddenly yelled, saying that the next time, i should not wait for PUVs on a no stopping area. my gosh! how crazy and tactless of him to tell me such thing! he should be the one who shouldn't have stopped in that area since he is the one who is knowledgeable with the roads as to where he should and shouldn't pick up passengers. he really pissed me off so i yelled back. i told him he's the one who's dumb and crazy! i don't know that it was not no stopping area, with all the many passengers who were also waiting there! i juts told him it's not his lucky day because i guess he was the only PUV noticed by the enforcer. He really pulled my strings that's why i yelled back at him.. I do hope not many PUV drivers are like him. he's just so plain stupid.
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@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
27 Apr 12
The driver wasn't stupid, he just wanted to have his vehicle full of passengers so the gasoline and the effort for his route will not be wasted. We all know how crazy the prices of the gasoline are, that is why he wanted to have money enough for his family and for the gasoline pay. He was annoyed by the traffic enforcer and was angry because his money will not be enough anymore for him to give to his family. I am not saying shouting at him was bad, but let me just tell you that in my opinion, it was not the good thing to do as well. You are more civilized and educated than the driver, you should have not shouted at him no matter how wrong he may be. You should have told him in a calm way that it wasn't all your fault. Shouting will never do to these people, they will never learn the traffic rules even if you shout at them. I have experienced this before, but the driver didn't got angry at me, he was just so sad for he will be doubling his trip just to get the money for his family. I felt sorry for him, the pay for the ticket was way to much and my fare couldn't pay for it either..