What to do if you don't like your teacher?

April 27, 2012 6:37am CST
I have encountered some teachers that I really hate in terms of their style of teaching or I simply don't like their attitude towards students. They always think that they are always right and that students are just there to say "yes" in whatever they say. I do not like very bossy people.
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@bharsil83 (114)
• Indonesia
19 May 12
I also do not like people who are busy. Most teachers are indeed as you say, but there were teachers who listen to the opinions of students and have a friendly attitude.
@stanley777 (7177)
• Philippines
30 Apr 12
There are teachers who are like that- you can't really tell that to hem since they would probably fail you.. Maybe you can tell someone who has a higher rank- do you have a suggestion box or something?
@simper (5)
28 Apr 12
when some teacher pisses me off.I always wait for a chance to show her low or i would make a gossip about her.i try my best to irritate with my silly doubts
@almond24 (1250)
• Hungary
27 Apr 12
I would say it's best to try to cooperate with your teachers, listen and ask to clarify if something is not clear, even if you don't like them... you can not change their style. Teachers have to deal with many students and if they are bossy they are probably like that for a reason. Many bossy teachers, if they see that the students are disciplined and want to learn, become more friendly and comfortable with the situation. Teaching is not easy.