people's manners

April 27, 2012 6:51am CST
earlier today, i read a volume of readers digest Asia. Their main artice for this volume is how rude people are today. I had fun reading the whole article because i can relate to a few of them. The one that made me laugh was about the sales people in department stores that keeps on following you as you try to look for items to buy. The way they look at you makes me feel like they think you are about to steal their mechandise any moment. It was also a reminder that unintentionally, I may have been rude to other people, like allowing checking my phone or texting somebody while I was talking with someone else. The editors also listed rude behaviors that they experienced. One experience of mine recently was like this, i was inquiring about a certain job position in a government agency. This lady (miss A) was entertaining me, she was quite polite and aswers questions from someone without any job experience like me patiently. Then, her co-worker (miss B) jumped into the discussion and answered some details in what i perceived a rude manner. Her stance, tone of voice (a bit haughty sounding) and facial expression (one of her eyebrows is raised) is so not welcoming, it actually made me feel so foolish and stupid. I allowed her to talk and I was about to ask her something when she (miss B) suddenly and rudely turns her back from me ending the discussion then and there. The experience quite turned me off from seeking employment in the agency, because I do not relish the idea of working with her. Have you ever experienced people being rude to you? How did it make you feel?
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• India
17 Oct 12
We live a hard life, fighting all the way. Other people can often hurt our feeling, regardless intentionally or unintentionally. Be prepared for this, because it will happen. Now, I was raised in a family which always reacted in a calm and reasonable way to all the possible situations. Don"t ever let rude people hurt you, always find a calm solution and move on like a gentleman.