Microworkers : Wrost experience with them

April 27, 2012 8:57am CST
I sign up with microworkers last month n i completed nearly 25 task ,i have 100% sucess rate . Last week i try to start a new campaign in microworkers using my earnings, they declined my campaign and ask me to deposit $10 for verification (This verification method not mention in their Faq or Term n conditions) . I deposit $10 through alertpay , then i started a campaign again , again they declined my campaign and ask me to assign $1.50 / task. It highly rediculous to ask to assign $1.50 / task for a Simple sign up with email address. Then i open a support ticket and started a new campaign , again they declined my campaign and ask me to assign atleast $0.40/ task. Next time when i submit the campaign , it got declined n they gave a un-understandable reason. Again i start a new campaign, and that is "pending review" for the past one week . I opened more than 6 support tickets for diffrent reasons, not a single reply i got from them. This is the worst experience ever i got from microworkers. Anybody had any bad experience with microworkers?
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@fantabulus (4005)
• India
12 Dec 12
But why this is happened I think no deposit is required for microworkers and this site is legit site. I earned 10 dollar and withdraw from paypal. But now I am unable to withdrawing because the site is needs moneybookers account and moneybookers is demanding swift code and my bank has no swift code so I leave the work in microworkers.
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• India
13 Dec 12
Few months back, I started one campaign with just $0.10 per task. They approved that campaign and now it is complete. I think now they changed their rules...I still left 5$ there...I don't know what will happen to that 5$...
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
13 Dec 12
Ohhh my experience is also not good of microworkers because since its paying is start from moneybookers I am unable to withdraw the money because moneybookers is not accepting my bank account. My two task is also rejected even its right. I think some people are misusing this site.
@jaderamirez (1031)
• Philippines
25 May 12
I do not have any problem with Microworkers. I think they have an honest admin and they support their members. I am sorry to hear about that, anyway they will contact you in no time, just be patient. Microworkers has slow process sometimes but sill they attend to their members needs.
@ucl800 (860)
• Greece
12 May 12
I don't understand why this happened to you. Until a few months ago that I used this site for last time, it was a legit site. Maybe you should try an other one. If you are interested in this check out my profile. I have just created my own site like this. There is no need to deposit money to start a campaign if you have earned them from other tasks.
@yawar562 (70)
30 Apr 12
whenever some one tell me to deposit some money i first ask him with my mylot friend by starting a discussion then i invest or not you asked before investment
• United States
27 Apr 12
Yep, as soon as they required me to deposit money into it, for clarification...or whatever...I left. You shouldn't have to pay for anything but the work you ask for and once it is completed. This clarification nonsense...is just what it is ...nonsense. I hear 0desk is a little better.