The secrets of living healthier and longer.

Healthier and longer life - How can you prolong your lifespan? Nowadays people are getting sicker and sicker because of their own faults. Awareness of proper living should exist. A healthy body is not only good for well-being but also for your pocket. Healthcare cost is rising. What tips can you give to live longer and healthier?
April 27, 2012 10:32am CST
I have seen people who are critically ill and are heavily sick. Most of these cases are lifestyle-related. The rate of morbidity these days are keeping on rising even though there are also advancements in healthcare. The big question is, what are the secrets of living healthier and longer? I think, it is a combinations of a healthy spiritual, emotional, and physical self. If one of these three things are not well, practically, a health problem would exist. Stress is a typical contributor of such problems. What can you say?
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• United States
27 Apr 12
I know all about stress and I try my hardest to rid my life of it as well. It will be with me for a while and there is nothing I can do about it.
@factorial (982)
• Philippines
27 Apr 12
Yes, we must be healthy in these aspects... spiritual, emotional, and physical... and a positive outlook in life... I have two cancers but I am not bedridden... I still work... my faith and prayers keep me moving...