Beauty without Botox

April 27, 2012 12:02pm CST
I want to get botox and have been contemplating this option for a long time. I recently came across this product that uses muscle stimulation to firm, tighten and make your face glow. I was hoping if anyone has heard of this product or has used it and if they can give me some reviews. Its very affordable and maybe it might be just as good as botox and less invasive and painful as well.
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@jndlponti (2413)
• Philippines
1 May 12
I have hearedof that already and it is very much famous is our country nowadays since most of the famous TV actresses here in our place tent to have that. Most of those who has that was actress that are already on their late 30's. I do not exactly know the effects on that also the side effects. It would be best if you personally ask the dermatologist about it. Also do the trusted dermatologist who can do it, not that ordinary ones found in the corner, for what is done cannot be undone anymore. You will be suffering the whole life. Anyway try to check on yourself if do you really need it or not.Real beauty comes from within.
2 May 12
thanks for the reply, I actually ordered the product and will be receiving it soon since it has come it comes with guarantee money back if it doesn't work. I researched the Ageless Wonder and found out that it might work due to the fact that it keeps your muscles in your face firm and toned through stimulation. I will keep you posted on my purchase ! wish me luck I ordered mine from
@jndlponti (2413)
• Philippines
16 May 12
Okay... I do wish for you...Good luck on that and hope for the good effect.
• Australia
11 Oct 12
Yanastenson How did you go with the ageless wonder? Did it help? Did you notice any improvement?
30 Apr 12
I personally haven't heard of this product, but my Mum is 51 and her skin looks amazingly young and it's all down to one thing - hyluronic acid. It's found in some face creams and is often marketed as Bo-Hylurox. I personally believe that if you use it over a good length of time you won't see the need for Botox. There's no side effects of H-Acid either and it's even good for sensitive skin. You may want to look out for it or check online. Botox is only temporary and will always need topping up depending on how long it lasts on you - it depends on the person how long this period is. I reckon that finding a longer term solution would not only be cheaper but also more sustainable for your skin.
2 May 12
Hey thanks for the tip I actually bought a gel cream from the pharmacy made purely out of the finest hyluronic acid form Switzerland or so it claims and I do use it on my face and neck and already I notice a huge difference. My face is so soft and not bumpy. I went ahead and ordered the product ageless wonder, its also suppose to be very popular in Europe . I am also going to give that a try, I ll let you know about the progress. Cheers!
2 May 12
That's great that you found some! I really hope it works for you, though it sounds like you're already a fan. Good luck with the product you've ordered too :)
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
12 Oct 12
Thanks for posting this discussion. Well i have always denounced the very idea of using artificial means of getting your skin glow than before. I feel that although artificial means might enhance your skin but they might not be suitable for all the skin types and might give us wrong results. So always go for the natural way of glowing your skin. What say?
• India
24 May 12
It is always better to use natural products, as they don't have any side effect whereas artificial products have side effects and you may regret using it after some time. Though natural products don't give quick results, but they never do any harm.
@bharsil83 (114)
• Indonesia
23 May 12
I disagree with beautifying using botox, if you want to beautify better naturally or use the therapies that use materials that do not harm your body.
@alicia812 (648)
• Australia
4 May 12
Getting botox never came across my head. I am just too scared to do or inject something like that on my face. And thanks for the first respondent here for the great tip on H-Acid. I will search for a product with high content of this H-Acid. Thanks a lot. Great discussion!