where to go in CA?

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April 27, 2012 7:37pm CST
Hey guys, I am going to California for a month for holiday, can you recommend some nice places to go? some good resturants to dine for? I dont have any particular plan yet, and How's the weather like now? thanks for sharing. God bless you
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28 Apr 12
September until November your best time to go. Hotel rates drop and summer makes CA become sweet. Your nice places to go include Hollywood boulevard, Venice beach, Paradise Rodeo, Catalina island and universal studios. Let me know your trip style. Family, relaxation, honeymoon or adventure? I help you a little to tell you about your restaurant for dining. If you wish eclectic dining you may choose Asia de Cuba. If you wish Mexican dining, you may go to Border Grill at downtown of LA. For American style, Engine Co. You can find many restaurants on internet too. About your plan, it depends on your interests, how much money you save for your trip, consider the best time to go from weather and price drop aspects. Make discussion with some you trust. If you need to customize your trip plan on internet, find the complete trip planner include flight plan, accommodation plan, trip style, calculation of airport and hotel transfer, accurate things to do which has been crosschecked and last but not least it must be completed with estimated cost. I hope it useful
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28 Apr 12
Well the weather has been pretty crazy out here this year. It is literally day to day for the forecast because one day it can be 95, and the next it will be 60 and raining. What part of CA are you going to because that will depend on where you go. San Francisco is good for vacations, Santa Barbara, or maybe you want to go up the Pacific Coast Highway to see the scenery? Respond where you will be exactly and I can help you out a bit more.(PS Lived in Cali my whole life ;) )