DEWCLAWS? To ignore or not to ignore

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April 28, 2012 5:47pm CST
My new addition to my family, a young husky/ german shepard mix girl puppy, has extra toes on her feet. When I adopted her, the person with the puppies showed me another on of the babies with extra toes called dewclaws and that he was gonna have them removed on account that they can be ripped off. He said it's very painful for older dogs to have it happen. I just noticed my little girl has some. They are on the inside of her feet paws, I don't think they will be much of a problem but whats the best solution?
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29 Apr 12
I think it is up to each individual owner and the dog. De-clawing a dewclaw can be very timely, costly, and painful for a dog. The positive though of course you don't have to worry about them getting caught in anything and having it be ripped off. My dog has dew claws and has caught them on the afgans a couple times leading to little tears. They do heal, and since then we just have the groomer cut them as short as possible, before reaching the quick, and they haven't been a problem since.
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30 Apr 12
Thank you, that was helpful. I'll probably keep them, I wouldn't want to cause her pain from removing them.