Kyle ages 10 years in 6 months!!! Yound nad the restless

@coffeebreak (17820)
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April 28, 2012 9:42pm CST
I know that kids age QUICKLY on soaps, but come on.....10 years in 6 months? Kyle was 10 when he went away to some hockey speciality school some where 6 months ago. Now they bring him back and he looks about 19!!!! I want to say "what's up with that?" but it is so stupid that I can't even say that! I mean, I know they need their characters and all, but to age a child 10 years and NOT age the just looks so stupid and dumb...espeically in only 6 months. Now take at least a year and age them 5 years, but this one takes the cake on the kids aging on soaps. And of course he is going to buddy up to Victor . ...and Victor will relish in it and rub Jacks face in it...good grief..doesn't he have anything better to do with his time? Why dont they make these kids of theirs "be" something..come home with some kind of education or work experience to offer. Adam is the only one and he's done nothing. Abby..well, no more need to be said. Now Kyle...prob just out of high school and Victor will put him in charge of a mega corporation as CEO. Do you think Niki and Jack will stay together now that Kyle is back? Knowing Niki killed his mother..and now with his father?
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@stealthy (8188)
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29 Apr 12
Well you see Kyle was at a school where time passes normally and everyone else was on an Earth that had been sped up to close to the speed of light so that no time passed for them while 9 or 10 years passed for Kyle; I read too much science fiction. Actually I didn't much care for the old Kyle but I like the new one even less. I wish they would feature more of Victoria and Billy being happy and having fun and get some comedy into the show again like they did when Victoria and Billy first got together.
@coffeebreak (17820)
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30 Apr 12
I was thinking the other way around....those that "go away to school" are really going away to Future School...where time speeds by the lightening fast speed of the US Enterprise...surpassing Captain Kirk and his crew... and then instead of landing at The Federation....they land back in their hometown..where time has stood still.... is that stupid or what that they age them to fast! I think a young Kyle could have had more story lines. We already have "hot-doggie" Ricky and Carmine and even a bit left of Adam. I really don't want another one! And then Fen...when he comes you he will be still young...younger than than those that were born before him!!! I guess the writters can now put "comedy writting" on their resumes!