its all because of HIM through my Prayers....

April 28, 2012 11:41pm CST
I was away from my lot for a month and miss this site so much... I came back because i want to share this meaningful event of my life. Despite of my old discussions i am still a religious person, the modern one:). last year i took this local board exam with all the effort and the religiosity. I actually did not expect much out of my effort but still i was hoping that my prayers will boost my self confidence. to take my mind off that exam i took i went to a religious outing, the Sings for Christ International Conference at BOHOL, Philippines. There i was on my way to Bohol, when suddenly everyone was panicking. Actually almost all of the aboard passengers where for SFC ICON at Bohol and took the same exam that i did. So they were also on to tears and all. I ask them why, they said the exam result was out ans some of there friends pass and some failed. I thought to myself what about me? I started to text my friends and family, they didn't reply. then i thought maybe i didn't pass and i was right. I cried and cried and cried asking HIM why. I came to bohol as if nothing happen that night. I sang praising songs, danced to the beat of the songs and poured out all my emotions and finally felt cleansed, fine, and light. I was happy. I then thought that why waist this opportunity that i came all the way to bohol, i enjoyed myself at bohol, made new friends, made new adventures, shared laughters and saw beautiful places that you wont imagine of coming to in the future. Why wait for the future when every thing is infront of you just waiting for you to enjoy the scene. There i was THANKING the LORD ALMIGHTY, the CREATOR and the REDEEMER, the FORGIVER of SIN and the GIVER of LIFE EVERLASTING for the experience, for the mixed emotions, for the strength and for the guidance in making my supposed painful days one of my happiest moment in life. That was remarkable... You what was your experience in life with the CREATOR?
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