What'cha doin' for summer????

April 29, 2012 12:49am CST
Anyway, I find my self a summer loser. I never had visited the beach yet. I can see my friends' photos that they're enjoying their summer break already. I'm dying of jealousy! LOL .
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@jureathome (5363)
• Philippines
3 May 12
Get smarter - that's fun! You still got time, though. It won't be up for about 3 weeks from now. Go get your tan and have some fun.
• Philippines
4 May 12
Tanning is a bad idea especially here in our country. The weather is so hot. And the heat hurts badly. I hate having sunburns because it's itchy. :( Having fun could be done in so many other ways. Perhaps I'll try getting smarter. :) That would be a very nice idea. Thanks.
@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
29 Apr 12
I wouldn't have gone to a beach this summer if my dad didn't planned to go to the beach for my mom's birthday. Even if I only had 2 hours and 30 minutes sleep, I still went to the beach with my parents and siblings. Had fun even only for being there for a few hours. I think, you won't miss out anything if you don't go to the beach this summer, it will only cause you heat stroke and sun burn because of the very crazy summer heat
• Philippines
30 Apr 12
You're ate gaiz! I can't tolerate the scorching heat of the sun. Even though I have an umbrella with me, the heat still hurts. Anyway it's never too late to enjoy summer, it hasn't ended yet. :)