Would you agree that Philippines are tagged as a religious country but not all?

Pasay, Philippines
April 29, 2012 7:17am CST
The reason atheists and apathist do exist is because of believers who do the different way. This is the our conclusion. Would you believe in someone who's doing different from what they believe to? For instance; pray everyday for forgiveness but some may do the same sin or routine that shouldn't do according to the bible. Doing things that is "bad" or prohibited in the bible. And the worst part here is some may go to mass, hear gospel and worship; but they're not proud sharing what they're doing and goes to another place which will allow them to do another way of being a non-Catholic or Christian life. And another thing; why would the Catholic church sometimes discourage those who are practicing Christ-like practices? Example of these are whipping their backs as they cross country and ask for forgiveness every year whereas they could have been proud for those people who are doing that as a sign of their beliefs? Come to think about it; most of the time, if they will admit it; they don't know what they're doing and not guided accordingly. Because what they're doing is contradicting. I need your answers. I'm in the midst of doubt here.
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@_sketch_ (5709)
• United States
29 Apr 12
Firstly, I hope you are not suggesting that atheism is equivalent to apathy because that is a ridiculous notion. My lack of belief in a god has no more affect on my ability to feel than my lack of belief in Santa Clause. My atheism has nothing to do with the actions or beliefs of others. I don't believe in any god because there is no proof and I have no reason to. To somehow come to that conclusion sounds a bit arrogant to me, to be frank. I don't really know what you are asking in regards to the Philippines, but I personally don't think that any country can be religious. A country is not its people. I'm quite certain that atheists do exist in the Philippines if that's what your asking. Certainly there are hypocritical people in any given religious group. People are people. People aren't perfect and they never will be perfect, no matter how strongly society will demand. You don't need anyone's answers. Search for the answers; find them out for yourself. And doubt is good. That's where you'll find your answers.