creating multiple email accounts

April 29, 2012 7:39pm CST
hi fellas.since most of us here are online workers, o bet you too have multiple email accounts. in my case i have five.those are from yahoo and gmail only since other sites only accept those two. i have one personal email and the rest for online works so i won't be confused which email should i check a certain stuff. i make sure that i jotted down all the passwords and the usernames, of course so i won't forget because most of the time, i can't log in for forgotten about you?
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@coldnpale (555)
• Greece
30 Apr 12
I guess two email accounts are enough. I have 1 which I try to keep as clean and professional as possible, and another one that i use when signing up on various sites, especially when those are kinda experimental. This helps me avoid getting numbers of spam emails on a daily basis on the email account i wanna keep clean and use it for my work.
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@punto8 (10)
9 May 12
Sometimes I have ideas how to cheat some system and of course if it's web system with user account. So i started to build my "Account empire" For project like it i use let's say system, all emails are associated like first will be juju than second will be juju2 and you can go like this over hundred of course you need to put some effort in this but if it's for some earning scheme than it will pay back. Yes and the best is to use one password for all one project emails.
• Philippines
15 May 12
wow that's really a huge effort. i don't think i can gamble that myself. i am not into that one password for all my accounts as of now since im afraid that would give way to some frauds online. my password has a name and number and i just change the numbers to all my email accounts.
• Philippines
13 Oct 12
I write down the email addresses I have created and the password in my planner. Only, in the format that only I could understand :) just so no one can use those email addresses should I lose my planner or if my brothers play with it.
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• Philippines
21 Oct 12
i have mine too. im not into memorizing passwords especially those with numeric characters. also, yahoo and gmail are always asking me to have new passwords every now and then as an added security feature to my email adds. it's just that there are times that i forgot to jot down especially when i don't have the prepared notebook and pen as i change passwords.
@natliegleb (5184)
• India
3 Sep 12
what is the use,i hate since i cant maintain all those and also its quite annoying to waste so many email i dont like them
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