Swimming for the first time

April 30, 2012 11:02am CST
Till now i had just swimmed for one time and it was to difficult to go into the pool for the first time . The water was looking like that if i'll go in it and will stay in it...!!! But when i went into it i was no longer scared because it was feeling good. Tell me about ur first swimming experience!
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• India
3 Jun 12
Welcome to mylot About 200 meters away from my home there is river Mahanadi, i learnt swimming there some 60 years ago while bathing with kids of my age, i still remember that. HAPPY SUNDAY Prof.Dr. Bhuwan Saraf. PhD
@maximax8 (27046)
18 May 12
At my infant school when I was aged 4 and upwards they tried to teach me how to swim in the outdoor pool but the water was chilly. My teeth would shake when I got out feeling really freezing cold. I didn't manage to learn how to swim there. I was ten years old and on a family vacation in Devon when I finally managed to swim in the sea. It felt magical and very special to master the skill of swimming. I treasure that memory of my first swim at the seaside resort in Devon. I would love to go back to there to that spot in my home country. I am delighted to hear about your first swim. Well done.
• India
8 May 12
At fist i was much scared to get into the water. I worried that the snakes and fishes will eat me. Later when i studied how to swim all my worries were gone and now i have a great fun to play in water
• Philippines
1 May 12
I cannot remember clearly the first time I went into the water but I'm pretty sure it was in a beach. I was barely 5 years old then and as I remember I was screaming everytime I go to the water because the water is so cold. Others were also joking to drown me in the water so it really scared me.
• United States
30 Apr 12
My first time swiming I was really little so I dont remember it much but, I remeber when i was 6 and my parents put me in swiming lessons that was scarey. Other kids werent scared and knew what they were doing for the most part. Not me my mom threw me in and said your going to learn because, at first i didnt want to be in the water. Now i like swiming but, i dont like to be in real deep water. I can swim but, im not that good at it.
• United States
30 Apr 12
My first time swimming was pretty good. It can be a bit scary at first, but once you go in, it's pretty fun. Sometimes it can be hard to get out, because you are having such a good time. Unless of course you get too cold, then it becomes easy to come out. Overall my first experience was pretty good.