Have you ever wondered on possibility of going back in life !

@alienstar (5140)
April 30, 2012 11:15am CST
If there was a Time machine where we can go back to old times, how nice it will be to meet some people of the older generation isn't it? have you ever thought on these liens? i have read an article recently which was very interesting and it says that it is possible to go back with time if we can invent speed faster than light ! this was very interesting for me as i never ever thought on these lines and the prospect of traveling down to old times is just exciting to anyone living in this world. I would love to go back 100 years and experience pollution free world at those times. Heard many things of olden times and here we get to experience that !
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@megamatt (14327)
• United States
1 May 12
I really considered that many times right throughout my life, whether it be in my life or before the moment that I born. But really in the end, the past should really remain in the past. There is a reason where I am in the here and now, as opposed right as opposed to living the past. There is a key reason why the things that I have done were done. Plus, really when you think about it, despite the fact that the old days seemed good, they weren't really all that good. There are just certain things that we take for granted that were not around. Certain things that were also much worse back then and certain things that were better as well, yes for sure. Yet the past should remain in the past where it belongs.
@alienstar (5140)
• India
1 May 12
In a way, i completely understood what you are saying here and i too agree with you. Past is past, but some things do happen in our life which is beyond our imagination and even science sometimes fails to give proper reason for those things and may be because science has not at all developed to that extent ! or in other times people just call it a miracle and never take trouble of digging it further for reasons as there are also other people who doesn't believe in miracles. So, it's all confusing here and only fact which is to be believed is the strange miracles which keeps happening in our life and if the above topic of going back to past life is to be called a s miracle if happens, then it might be called as the biggest miracle of all time isn't it? don't you think so? I think, as i agreed to your view point here, you also will agree to my valid point here isn't it?
@arlera (86)
30 Apr 12
hi, going back in time would be really super,to live in the times when our forefathers lived and to experience their way of doing things,to live among all those brilliant inventors that would be out of this world.
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
30 Apr 12
I would definitely use it for taking a glance at earlier historical eras! That would be so much fun! But in my own life, I wouldn't time travel. My mistakes are what made me who I am now :).