it is possible that any one can reduce your rank rating.

@dilrajj57 (1759)
May 1, 2012 1:45pm CST
i dont know that here what i do bad with any one here in mylot, that who reduce my rank rating. may be that not in human, in human no one will be like to do so.
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5 May 12
that not good habit who doing so to giving negative response.
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@dilrajj57 (1759)
• Pakistan
7 May 12
thank you.
@alberello (4755)
• Italy
1 May 12
Dear friend, as far as I know I, your ranking may be lowered if the discussion or comment that you have increased this score, is deleted from the system. However you can get off of 1 max 2 points. But if you're referring to the reputation of the star, well there are several factors that can raise or lower this value, which, at the moment I still do not have consciousness.
@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
1 May 12
If your activity is receiving many negative ratings then your star will fall as a result of this. If you have reason to think that there could be someone doing this on purpose then you can contact admin GoAskAlice. Go to your messages - compose - insert GoAskAlice and state your problem. Yhen send the message and he will deal with it. You do not have to be on his friend list to send him a message.