what do you do when your husband or wife have an affair?

May 2, 2012 3:42am CST
my husband had an affair and the worst part that woman got pregnant..9 years of marriages in just a couple of month,he just left me behind,I've been a good wife..I never nag him i always have patient with him..in 9 years with him my life..always struggle to everything,I always take care all the expenses,he is irresponsible..he gets home drunk,he spends his money in liquors and friends,he just don't mind me at all he never thinks if i eat or something..he just like having fun all the time , in short he is not good husband..and the worst part he cheated me,and he take that woman in his side, his family and they stay together,and I'm so deeply hurt..i have no strength to move on because of him,my friends and family see him with that woman their are happy together, holding hands, embracing in the public..and makes my heart turning into pieces that moment...everyday i cry..thinking of him, but he is having a good time while I'm having a hard time..my family was so angry with him, they said he never respect and truly love you.. don't mind him anymore his not worth it..he is just a piece of crap...but for me he still my husband and i still love him..i pray to God mercy,and the Lord was very good to me..later on he beg me to forgive him and i did,all i did is just wait and be patient, what the Lord was going to do with us and He response and i thank Him for everything.
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• Philippines
2 May 12
I am happy to know that he came to you at last and ask for forgiveness. I just hope that he meant it with all his heart, and that he'll be faithful to you for the rest of his life. Things like that are not new since many people are cheating each other. I know that every time a person is cheated, it hurts deeply inside the heart but I know too that God can do things that are impossible. I admire and respect you for being patient and forgiving towards him. Have a great marriage ahead.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
2 May 12
Omg I'm sorry, what a worthless piece ... Gee, how much I hate this kind of things. He had not the right!! Did you overcome it? This is just so wrong. You are much more than how he treated you, always remember that, and that he was the one who done all the mistakes. Even if you were a bad wife, don't be sexist, they got be a good husband too, they must satisfy us as much as we do then. I never read these magazines 'how to please your man', why I? We are equals, women must stop doing more than them, they come and go whenever they want and aren't judged, the society is too harsh on women but we must not be on ourselves. Even if you were a bad wife: he had not the right to cheat! He should have separated. You being a good wife makes it all more revolting. Sending you good energy, really sorry for having this pain in your life. Don't close your heart to love and trust again, but now you know a cheater better, use your experience.
2 May 12
So sad to know. Marriage is not a gate pass to a happy life and relationship. Sometimes it tests your loyalty to your partner. Being tie in marriage has a great responsibility not only for yourself but also to your partner and future children. Some are lucky to have a happy marriage life but unfortunately some lives ruin also because of marriage. If your partner do not take the responsibility seriously, your relationship will end up nothing. All your dreams and plan will turn into scratch. The only thing to do to keep the relationship alive is to have faith in God, talk about the issue and let him/her know that you will be the best partner in the world. To those who have a plan to get into marriage, decide million times before saying "I do".