I'm Bored..need a life or a new job...

@Rosekitty (19438)
San Marcos, Texas
May 2, 2012 8:39am CST
Any offers out there would be gladly appreciated..i'm going through the want ads and see i'm not qualified for anything..since when did all my school training never exist anymore??....i sat in the classroom..had books..had friends..graduated...hmmmmm could that be it?
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@albto_568 (1268)
• Costa Rica
2 May 12
Sometimes, being bored of the daily routine is normal, maybe you think that what you have achieve so far is not enough, in this case, maybe an all too radical change is not the answer, think in how can you improve yourself in what you do, and begin to take more time for yourself, to think in the best way you can lead your life to, from now on. Try not to do something because you feel that you must, or other people expect you to do it, be reflexive and take a wise decision. My best wishes for you.
@Rosekitty (19438)
• San Marcos, Texas
2 May 12
Thanks for the sweet comments..so nice of you!