i avoid using big bags and wearing big shirts

@hotsummer (10467)
May 2, 2012 9:56pm CST
when i go out now, i just use small shirts. so i won't look too big specially i am fat now. the big shirt i wear actually makes me look big as i am. at least with small shirt it makes me look less fat as i am actually. and the small bag i do like more because it is much light. and won't hurt my shoulder. i just usually bring my small bag when i need to carry some important papers and id's. but besides that if i don't need to bring some documents or some important things then i just leave the bag at home. one person said that i looked better with small shirts than when i wear those big shirts.
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@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
4 May 12
There are shirts you can buy that are long and help one look skinnier. I've worn them before and noticed the change myself. I've got a few tops that kind of go like I said, and so don't stop at the waist and show my "fat". As for bags? I don't use them at all. I just use my wallet.
• Philippines
4 May 12
I learn not to wear loose shirt because it is like i am old woman,don't have knowledge how to look me good and beautiful. So now, i change my dress style i wear nice and fit for me.
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
3 May 12
About shirts, I usually wear not too big, but kind of loose shirts. They are more comfortable and don't give my plump curves that much. About purses, I agree. I used to carry around huge bags and purses, and when I had to switch to a smaller one (I had to work at a place I'd better keep my purse in a locker, but those weren't big enough for a bigger purse)... and I realized how much pointless junk I was carrying around. Now I only carry stuff which couls be needed. Also, my shoulders aren't aching now.
• United States
3 May 12
Well if the shirt doesn't go in at all to accentuate your waist line, then yes it would make you look bigger because of the bulk. However, you don't want to wear too small of shirt either, because then it could ride up, or show possible bulges and rolls in your body. A shirt that fits well, and preferrably goes in at the smallest point on your torso and back out again to show the natural curves of your body would be the best.