how can you heal a broken heart?

May 3, 2012 8:03pm CST
being heart broken is the most painful experience of a person It feels like your life was being ruin. It feels like your heart was cut into pieces. How can you forget someone who makes your world wonderful? How can you move on without pretending that your ok? How can you forget the past if it always appears in your mind? How can you forget that person who makes you special? How can you move on when your still in love with that person? And most of all how can you heal a broken heart?
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• Philippines
4 May 12
It's painful at first. The worst part will be on the first week of your break up. But, it will be over. You just have to accept that it already ended and focus on what you can do to move on. Help yourself. If you are still hopeful that the two of you would get back together, then you CANNOT move on. Acceptance is one of the keys for moving on.
8 May 12
Moving on and acceptance is the best medicine to forget and forgive. I will give myself first a time to heal the wounds.