How do you feel if it is your in the working week's "first day"

Pasay, Philippines
May 4, 2012 8:06am CST
Either an employee is excited right now to work or one wants to stay in bed and also wants to slumber more wishing there were longer rest days. I came from a friend and have a overnight stay as we chat and rant a lot throughout the night. I only slept for 2 hours staring 6 AM until 8 AM and was awake because we have to chat more about almost everything; starting from the songs that we listen, anime that we have watch, events encountered during conventions, work benefits, problems, dreams and such. At the endof the day; 2 hours from now I will about to start my shift. I don't want to be late so I left early and have that rest inside the bus during the whole trip and arrive here at work mylotting about it. Reason I open this kind of topic is because of two things which I, myself also are feeling it in particular times. Sometimes I feel that it is too much rest days for me and I want to earn more and Take rest day over time or RDOT or sometimes I DO want to stick in my pillow more and catch more zzz's. It really depends on the person's perspective to work. If you're getting tired of what you are doing; you were wishing that there should be longer resy days or a better way to have rest days enjoyed more. That's why I want to know more about your thoughts regarding this. Are you excited going to work after rest days or you wish it should be extended? (basic default of employment; "no work, no pay" just in case you may ask if taking extra rest days are being paid as well) Tell me more about your reasons and feelings about it. Thanks and enjoy mylotting about it everyone.
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