Upgrading my JBP

May 5, 2012 4:15am CST
Hi guys i just want to ask if i need to upgrade my justbeenpaid account in order to earn? please let me know. Thanks!
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@jgaces (80)
• Philippines
5 May 12
did you already joined in JBP? did you already have JSS tripler?If you dont have a JSS you can add me as a friend and PM me.
• Canada
5 May 12
yes i registered already... do i need to upgrade my account?
• Malaysia
5 May 12
you can earn without upgrade, but if you upgrade, you can get a matrix position when 4 of your JSS position has expired. that will be another extra income. you can refer to the FAQ in justbeenpaid and see if upgrade as a new member is it worth you =)
@cecil04 (409)
• South Africa
5 May 12
You don't need to upgrade your account to get paid by justbeenpaid.com. I have been with them for some time now and today I just got paid. And yes I have never had to upgrade my account before.
@ebmims (90)
• United States
5 May 12
The main point was touched on by others but just incase it wasn't clear enough: you do not need to to upgrade you JBP account in order to earn BUT it is highly recommended that you upgrade your account prior to your 4th Tripler position maturing that way you can benefit from the matrix system. Once it is all said and done, an upgraded account effectively nets you double what a non-upgraded account nets. (non-upgrade is $60 for 4 positions, upgraded is $120 after the cycled matrix/4 positions) As you can see, it is terribly unwise to not upgrade and benefit from the matrices if you are already investing in the program.
@camalich (1118)
• Spain
5 May 12
Hey jeanpr, no, you don't have to upgrade in order to earn with JBP. You'll need to upgrade in order to be eligible to participate in the JSS Matrix. you should upgrade once you are about or once you get your first JSS Matrix ;)