USB/BT Joystick Center android apps

May 5, 2012 7:17am CST
Ok, i have been in love with this apps by just hearing it's name and what can it do to my android gaming. My device is some china tablet, but i just can't seems to launch it though, it will just launch and not responding, then it will ask for me to kill app or just wait. I have request a refund and already settled everything about it. But i just want to know why is it doing this. I had no problems at all downloading and playing games, this is one of the apps i really need to maximize my gaming on my android. Not being able to use it on my tablet just like make my body paralyze and not killing me on the spot ! FYI : The apps developer said that the app is not limited to any devices, so all android would actually work. I have done some research on google and there is very little information about the app itself even that most android gamers would have this apps installed. But there's no information at all about users having the same problem as mine.
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