What do you think of/do the day before you vote?

@lakantar (1575)
May 5, 2012 8:42am CST
Greetings, Tomorrow is an elections day here in Greece (I think it is election day in France too) so I'd like to ask you, what do you think the day before you vote? What's your criteria on choosing the one you'll vote? Personally I try to make a quick flashback of the previous government and see if they did good and if they didn't (which is what happened this time :P) I read and watch statements of most of the candidates and whoever seems closer to my current beliefs I end up choosing him/her. What about you? Share your thoughts :)
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@jessy589 (18)
• Germany
5 May 12
Well, it usually takes me a lot longer than just one day to decide on who to vote for. There's some parties I would never vote for out of principle, but for all the others, what I do is to really read their programs. I go through everything they want to do, try to estimate how realistic or not it is and then I decide. It depends on your country though of course. Where I'm from (Germany) the candidates are usually less important than the parties they're standing for and the bigger part of our votes goes to the parties and not to people. If it's purely centered on people in your area, of course you will have to read programs and statements of them. It doesn't change that much though I guess.
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