Movie review: "Last Action Hero"

Pasay, Philippines
May 5, 2012 2:23pm CST
It is so old school! Arnold Scwatzee... (what? wait **looks to Google how to spell it correctly**) Schwarzenegger is one cool double. (hahaha..jokes; most of his movies he has this "twin" working with him along the movie during the plot) For the movie this is a kiddy-friendly action movie. It is not the same movie which you find most lately (Don't tell me Transformer can be watch by most kids with some hot scenes with the protagonist) This is like so old school; you still find the jokes funny. The kid in the movie has guts to drive a crane and an ambulance as he tried to save his action idol from the mishaves during the whole story. It has a good lesson to be learnt; how to put trust and what does it does. This is not the ussual good against evil rocket-science movie in which you need to digest the whole idea of the story and it is not too complicated to get into. I just can't help but to watch even it is old in terms of cinematography, antics and even the story (was so 1990's) but you'll find it relatively realistic. It has magic in which the child gets into the movie himself and works around the movie and in the end the Kid nees to put his Action idol back to the movies. "Two steps behind" is the movie's theme song. I find it so old but great. you can share with me other movies similar to it or if you have watch this movie; the you're old already (jokes!) just let me know how you find Arnold's other movie.
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@arunr175 (1679)
• India
6 May 12
I didn't like Last Action Hero, felt quiet boring. I think Kindergarten Cop has better comedy from Arnold Schwarzenegger ...
• Pasay, Philippines
6 May 12
Can you tell me more about "Kindergarten Cop"? Please tell me more about it. Thanks!
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@rafiholmes (2897)
• Malaysia
6 May 12
yes..i love this movie..very cool..80s feel to it..even though its done in the 90s... one of my fav Arnie's film.. along with Total Recall..