Salary doesn't eqaute hard work

@krizzy (237)
May 5, 2012 6:49pm CST
I read an article about a lot of stressful jobs but doesn't equate the pay..I don't know why is that?..It includes social worker, news reporter, probation officer, counselor, etc..we know that this jobs are the most stressful ones but those who are in these field have low pay..what kind of job do you want to have someday?
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• Philippines
6 May 12
The best paying jobs are the owners of businesses and entrepreneurs. They are the ones creating those jobs that you mention, passing the stress to those that they hire. And with the profit, they can pay those hires with a decent amount getting no stress at all. This is a business or capitalist world we are in right now. So the majority of advantages are with the company owners or businessmen.
@yel812 (174)
6 May 12
yes you are right! Compare to other jobs who receive higher pay who is so easy enough that everyone can do, for example the actors, singers and models, perhaps this world is not really fair. I graduated as a nurse and in our country, nurses has a very low salary that is why every nurses here wants to work abroad. But I believe that everyone of us makes there own destiny, we can have the choice, we just have to be brave.
• Pasay, Philippines
5 May 12
I worked in a different company and I have handled telecommunications in the US. For once I have asked for a better compensation but having a rewarding jobs that helps people and saves them for the worst case scenario does keeps me from working. Now that I transfered companied; it was an answered payer; I get a higher pay with Php5000 (almost $110 higher) difference that the other job I have before. Not to mention; work gets lighter; it is only reservations ;)