fighting siblings

@bubuth (1816)
May 6, 2012 3:07am CST
The problem in this story is the live in partner of my cousin. My cousin live in partner always making gossips about my cousin's younger sister. And she is making stories like the younger sister not taking good care of her child so her child is always crying even that story is not true. She also said that she is considered as maid in that house because of the younger sister but that story also not true. The truth is she is always sleeping and just taking rest all day while my cousin's younger sister is always taking a very very very good care of her child. In fact the younger sister is the one that giving bath to her child and buying food for the child. Because of that my other cousin decided to tell to the younger sister about what her big brother's living partner telling behind her back. Because of that the younger sister got a quarreled to her brother's live in partner after that her brother and the live in partner decided to leave the house and look for another house because that house is owned by their father. Do you think mylotters is it bad that we tell to her what the live in partner telling to other about her?
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@lady1993 (20007)
• Philippines
6 May 12
No ,the person gossiped about deserved to know everything. I wonder why the live in partner was saying wrong things about her.. maybe she had nothing else to do.. She was the outsider, she should respect those people i the house and even help with the chores. I think it's great they left..
@chicgale (2982)
• Philippines
6 May 12
I agree with lady.
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