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@maximax8 (28570)
United Kingdom
May 6, 2012 5:10am CST
I pay every month for Internet and it includes free phone calls. I still have to pay for a phone line from the phone company. I get low phone bills because all that is on it is the service charge. When I moved to my bungalow it took ages to get my Internet back up and running. This made me feel very sad and I got mobile Internet whilst I was waiting. I think I have got very used to having free phone calls. One of my friends thinks I could change to a different Internet provider. I know I could transfer to a better one but I worry about losing my Internet for another lengthy period like when I moved home. Are you happy with your Internet account? Do you get any perks like free phone calls with it? Have you ever moved home and it has taken ages to get your Internet back up and running?
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@stanley777 (7177)
• Philippines
16 May 12
I am not so happy with my internet account since my bill is always high- it's fixed, i pay for the internet and the hone.. But we don't use our phone very often, but then if i switch to another phone plan, i might lose internet too.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
7 May 12
I get Shaw and that includes the internet, digital phone, and digital Tv. I used to get more channels, but switched to a personalized plan, but wanted to pay less so I could not get the foreign channels and the animal lover channels, and that suited me because I really love movies. The phone plan I got is the top one in that it allows free long distance, but then I have to pay for it so the phone part is $49 a month whereas if there was no free long distance, it would be about $20 or so. But then I have relatives all over Canada. There s also MTS that includes a wireless plan as wel, but then again, the wireless it is not like the wireless I get that can be used in more places then North America. I also heard that it depends on what province you are in as to what plan is better. WE never had much trouble getting it, but then have not moved here for a long time.
@saiKO92 (392)
• Malaysia
7 May 12
Hello there. I'm still living with my parents and yes, we do move a lot. For the past 10 years, we already move about 7-8 times already. As far as I can remember, we started to have reliable internet connection around 2004. At that time, ours wasn't bad and wasn't very good either. But we still can surf the net daily. At one time during the year 2004, our house was burned by some illegal foreigner so we had to moved. Before we found another house to rent, we had to live with my grandparents which live nearby. So, during that time we didn't have any internet connection. After we have a house to live in, we had to lost two month without internet connection. Hence, the total amount of time to get back our internet connection was about five month. Recently, early this year we had to move again for the 7th/8th time. During this time, we suffer from internet connection loss is about one month cause at that time we decided to change from streamyx broadband to Unifi broadband (which is much faster than streamyx, and we have free phone calls to any land lines). So now, we have faster internet connection plus free phone calls to land lines nationwide and we're happy with it.
@lynboobsy11 (11346)
• Philippines
6 May 12
My internet connection only allows internet no other services. I was only renting a house, before I used to have cable on my connection but when they came out a new device that has no cable or anthena provided only wi-fi device I avail that product that I can bring all along my wifi device only in my town. I moved in to a new house last year and lucky that I have my wi-fi device with me and I will not wait or pay for the transfer.
• India
6 May 12
I am really happy about my internet accounts and plans. My plans provides me a good time to enjoy phone calls as well as a good internet. This is the one of the reason why I still using them. I don't have any such situations to migrate from my home place and I feel I am too lucky. I hope you will have your internet back with short time.