Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

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May 6, 2012 8:42pm CST
Has anyone heard of this? I asked about the raspberry ketones a few days back and only got one response. I watched about the green coffee bean on the Dr. Oz show the other day and there was a lady who took it for a week and didn't exercise or change her eating habits and she lost 6 pounds. I was wondering if anyone had some info on it. I ordered the raspberry ketones and I am taking them now and I have to say that I really do like them. I am less hungry and I get full faster. So I ordered the pure coffee bean extract as well because I am super excited to take both of them at the same time. It is supposed to work wonders with the raspberry ketones. I have read some reviews. And the are all really positive.
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8 May 12
I can't speak for pure green coffee bean extract as I have not tried it. but I do recommend pure greent tea. It won't dramatically change your life. Sorry but I honesty feel that no drink or food can actually do that. But green tea is good for you and contains anti-oxidents which clear up all those naughty free radicals. Green teas also contain less or no caffine. You probably already know that caffine, espcially in large doses is bad for you. If I can find the pure green coffee bean extract here in the u.k. I will give it a try.
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8 May 12
I wish I liked the taste of green tea. I know that it is good for you and I used to drink it in high school because I didn't drink soda,, well I actually gave up soda here recently. But I have to honestly say that I never liked the taste. I don't even like unsweetened tea because there's no sugar lol. But I would like to give it a try again. and maybe I can acquire a taste.