What's on your iPod?

May 7, 2012 2:19am CST
I am busy shuffling some songs at the moment. Then it hit me! It's been a while since the last time I have changed/updated the contents of my iPod. I still love listening to all the songs in it. In fact, I have not even syncing between my iPad and my iPod as there are those that I want saved on my iPad and those that I want to retain on my iPod.
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@superbadx (484)
• Malaysia
8 May 12
Well, it's been some times since i even listened on my ipod touch. I've only play apps on my ipod nowadays but only for like 2-3 minutes. Because i just bought this new Android tablet which i played all kind of new games that i can't on my old 2nd gen ipod touch. But after reading your discussion, i've been thinking to make my ipod storage purely for music on the go only because trying to listen songs on a 7 inch tablet would be hard wouldn't you think ? Thanks !
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• Philippines
8 May 12
@mikyung (2234)
• Philippines
7 May 12
It's so nice to have songs to listen. The likes of Adele, Beach boys, Maroon 5 and many others. I'm also into podcasts from I-tunes. It helps me informed about anything. There are also downloaded movies in my Ipod - recently I watched the movie - "Departed Ones" when I travelled back to my folks...Also,looking forward to have an iPad soon
• Philippines
7 May 12
Hi there mikyung! I have Adele on my list! I like her songs. I have Beach Boys too. My favorite Beach Boys songs are Surfin' USA and Surfer Girl. Thank you for sharing!
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
3 Aug 12
I have 4,990 songs on my iPod... Some are classical, some heavy metals, pop, few country, etc, etc... Basically, I have my entire cd collections on my iPod... I have iPod classic with 160gig... I haven't gotten any new CDs so I haven't really synced it to my laptop...
@chymez_me (186)
• Philippines
14 May 12
I only have a few apps on my ipod.. just some games like Temple Run, Hunger Games and others... _