Tell me a short story on a obstacle you hit in life and how you got over it?

@Renhard (3480)
May 7, 2012 2:00pm CST
So here is mines. What is yours? It was not so far back into the past when our physics teacher stepped in the first time and introduced his self. He was young and everybody was happy for his lenience in the first part of the school year. We all realize later that he wasn't doing his job properly. We had work required of the CARIBBEAN EXAMINATION COUNCIL that he did not start. I complained to him about it. All I can remember him saying is that he had a plan. I questioned him had a plan for what, but still received the same answer. I started to worry. To me I hit face first into an obstacle. My teacher, was wasting our time in class, didn't behave like how a teacher should, didn't keep up his responsibilities and now I am going to have to suffer when exam comes around the corner. It came close to exam and the teacher still didn't teach us everything. Actually he barely pass half of what he should have taught us. I compared him to my other teachers. The rest were finished teaching us and my physics teacher was merely half way. There was no way possible that I could have finish all the lessons before exam. What to do? I have no idea. It was one week until dead like for my Internal Assessments (IA) and the physics teacher just threw down 10 IA's on me to finish in only one week. The natural time to finish one of those IA is actually one week, just to finish one. So I had no idea how I am going to finish all those. SO I guess that was his plan, to rush us in the very last end. I didn't respect that at all. I realized then that I could no longer depended on him, I had to skip a few of his classes. I didn't sleep as I tried to learn everything he didn't teach me. The books were there every where I go, in the bathroom, on the dining table, even down the road to the close by shop. I couldn't allow what teacher did to come between me getting a high grade on exam. It was the first time in history I had to work so hard. The night before exam I relaxed because in that short space of time I was able to grasp a lot of information he didn't teach. I went to bed and hope I retained all those information I had to cram into my brain. I went into exam the next day and came out back relatively smiling comparing to the rest of my class mates. Exam grades came out two months after the exam. I got a distinction in Physics and no one else in the class got no where as close as that. I learnt something really important that day. "It is okay to put hope in somebody and it is also okay to work in a group, but always remember its you life not theirs. Anything you want, you need to put in an extra effort to reach that goal and when you do reach it, you will look back at that tall obstacles and feel over whelmed that you were actually able to cross it."
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