craigslist scammers

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May 9, 2012 11:09pm CST
Hi. I have been trying to find a housemate in vain. Getting a bit worried because I could really use the extra income. Besides, I don't quite trust the other guy that is here. Long story. I know he won't steal from me, or physically harm me but I am concerned for other reasons. I posted an ad on Craigslist. I did get one person who came to look at the room, but he has a great job and staying in the lower portion of the house didn't appeal to him. I did get a few more responses, the first from a nurse from Finland with a sick uncle she had to tend to. Apparently this scammer doesn't know his/her geography well, because she told me she was staying at a medical center in the large metropolitan city that is a mere 15 minutes or so away from me by freeway. Within 24 hours another nurse from Finland with a sick uncle wrote to me. My heart sank. Anyway, a nurse wouldn't be comfortable in this situation. The other roomie doesn't like water too well, and to get him to even wash his hands is like pulling teeth. Someone else answered the ad, yet another scammer. I redid my ad and posted cash only. I will not accept checks, I am not sending money back to you. I am hoping very soon to be able to get a reputable person here, but I have my doubts about Craigslist now, even though I am really hoping to get a good response through it. Someone else did give me the number to a woman who does some pretty hard drugs. He didn't tell me right off she is on drugs, just that she is very old looking. That is a good clue. I asked the womans niece about her, and she told me some horror stories. Her father, that is the brother to the woman had to file eviction notices on her. The police reports helped a great deal to get her out as quickly as possible. Do you have any Craigslist or other similar ways you have advertised something that didn't seem to work right away? Did it eventually pan out for you?
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19 Jun 12
Craigslist is way too full of scammers. I hate it. There are way too many, and there isn't a very good way to keep in touch with people on there. They should make a built in messaging system, I mean they are a pretty big business. Why can't they improve, to draw more people to them.
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26 Jun 12
It's cheap to run it this way I imagine. After all it is a free service. It is just too bad the people who use it are doing it for their own gain, cheating, lying and stealing from the good folks who use the service. It's not Craiglist who is at fault; it is the users who are dishonest that is the problem. What I think anyway.