which is the world biggest bildin in the world now!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 10, 2012 4:46am CST
i think that which will be the biggest bulding of the univers .;if you know the answer then write it .it will knowlage your brains .please reply for this discussion
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@welkin (106)
• China
10 May 12
It's pretty hard to answer your question,friend.There are different answers in different point of views. Here is something I know about the world buildings.The longest artificial building in the world is the Great Wall.The biggest building made of giant stones is the Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt.The biggest single project building is the Three Gorges Project in China.The biggest administration building in the world is the Pentagon in the US.The biggest ancient building group is the Forbidden City in China. It is said the biggest building in the world is one building under construction in Russia.As far as I know,the name is the Diamond Island,with a floor area of 2,508,400 square meters.You can check on the Internet to see whether there are any larger ones than this building.I've compared with some other giant buildings I know just now.It seems like that it is indeed the biggest one in the world. Hope this can help you,friend.I'm a student of a major related to construction.So,if you have any doubts about it,just ask,I'll try my best to help you on this question.