Do you or Can you make a good movie?

@chiyosan (30205)
May 11, 2012 10:49am CST
So have you tried to make a movie review? I had been thinking about this, actually when us, group of my friends and I was discussing about the movie - Avengers. Well there was this friend of mine who said that All movies of Jeremy Renner would have good reviews for him because he finds him cute (he is gay by the way) and we were all laughing at how he would give his review. Haha We said he'd never be able to make a sound and objective review about movies if he would base it on the appearance of the characters not the story, not the plot, and not the whole esses of the movie. :D Well anyway, I have to say even if i am not the least inclined to do a review based on cuteness or appearance or anything like that.. i did try a few times to make a review that is really worth someone's time reading the review and deciding on whether they should watch the movie or not.. but i am just not able to find good words! Perhaps i have to improve on my vocabulary, or choice of words, or increase my knowledge futher on how to make good reviews, what to look for in a movie, and etc. Well, what about you, have you ever tried to make a movie review? How was it?
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