A mother is not defined by her action

May 12, 2012 9:33am CST
a mother is no defined by her own action, values of personality but by the kind of children she brought up,if there would be a Philippine idols for mothers you are now in the grand finals maybe its still a long way to go don't give up, it is within your rich,congratulation and happy mothers day to all mothers in this world.
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@riempie9 (1026)
• South Africa
14 May 12
You are quite right. Look at the kids, how they have turned out, all attending school, no problems. Who has done this work? The mother. She is defined by her own actions. She has made it possible and been a real mother. It is a mother's care and a father's love. There's a saying that goes like this: 'just look at the parents if you want to know how the kids will turn out.' In this case it is, 'look at the kids and their good manners to see what a great mother she has been.'
• China
14 May 12
Mothers'S Day is the festival for mother ,it is really true the children is the proud of mother ,then what is the true defintion for the children's achievements? I want to be a good person to let my mother lead a good life ,there are a lot of story of famous person in China ,primier Zhou says ,to learn for the country's great! Wish all the mothers happy,wish all the person lead a good life!