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May 12, 2012 3:16pm CST
A man who moved from Spain was terrified to do so. He had moved there to marry and was given a job he was expected to stay in for the rest of his working life. When he left it to come to the United States, he gave up ANY job in Spain ever again. He prayed the USA would give him better opportunities. He found a country willing to let him grow in education, jobs, and lifestyle as opposed to being in the status quo for forty years of his life. By the way, he HAD to retire after forty years. This seems to be what many want here. This is what happens when the GOVERNMENT hands out the jobs. You are stuck in a slot and not expected to leave it ever. This means you may be given all the bare necessities to live, but it also means you lose any initiative to build a better life. I look at so many having no stake in this country because almost 50% pay nothing past payroll taxes. This has been an eruption of the federal government by every president since Roosevelt to make slaves of all of the people. That, of course, makes those in power the top dogs and unless they tick off everyone else in power, they will remain so for the rest of their lives. As I said before prisoners get free food, clothing, housing, etc., but they are still prisoners with no rights of their own. Is that what Americans really want?
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@MoonGypsy (4613)
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12 May 12
i don't think that america is the problem, i think the labor force is the problem. don't get me wrong i am for capitalism, but right now it's not operating like it supposed to. there definitely needs to be a change to how things are running. i'm not sure the answer is the end to capitalism, though.
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13 May 12
Capitalism is the answer, but not what they are calling capitalism today. True capitalism urges citizens to give their best efforts, to strive to be the best, most responsible persons they can be, to reach for the moon and beyond. Today, we hand out food, clothing, housing, cell phones (some folks have gamed the system and now have up to thirty FREE cell phones - okay free for them but not for the taxpayer.) We hand out insurance, education, and just about anything else to illegal people. Sometimes, so we don't hurt feelings, we give them more than our own citizens. Frankly, I would prefer the feds take care of Interstate highways, and real federal interests and stay out of private business as much as possible. So far, the Federal Government has proven to be a failure at attempting to run anything. Even our defense programs are bloated, and they are probably our closest thing to a success for the government yet. Unless we push government back where it belongs, soon any hint of real capitalism will be a memory and we will all lose our dreams. It's happening more every day.