My hubby's bad habit

United States
May 13, 2012 7:57am CST
Okay so my husband has recently within like the last year become a supervisor at his job, I am very proud of him by the way. But I guess since he has to supervise everyone at work, he comes home and does it here. And it drives me bonkers. And I feel bad but yesterday I had to voice my opinion about it because I counldn't take it anymore. everything that comes out of his mouth is " why are doing that, Why are you doing this, What are you doing with that, what is that for, What are you doing over there, What are you watching on tv. Why are you watching that." UGH. yesterday it was why is this drawer open ( it was open because I was putting away dishes and I had dishes that needed to be put in it), then two seconds later " what are you watching on tv" and don't get me wrong please don't think I am a petty person. Had this just been a one time he's just wondering kind of thing I wouldn't have blown up but this was on going and it was time to stop it. So I did, and I still felt bad for snapping at him but ugh.I had to tell hime look I know that you have to supervise things at work but you don't have to do that here. I got it here, things are fine, if i need you ill call. But don't micromanage me because its only going to cause problems.
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@SIMPLYD (78616)
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14 May 12
It's just but natural to react that way my friend. Who wants to be supervised while working? No one i guess. So, you have to talk to him nicely about it, when everything in the house is in order and you are both in bed, readying to sleep. Don't do it in a confrontational way, but rather in a way that can imply that you are feeling downgraded by him doing that. I guess, that will stop him, because he doesn't want to hurt you.