Being a new blogger

May 13, 2012 2:00pm CST
I just would like to share that being a new blogger is such a hard way to survive. But its like also taking baby steps, just a step at a time. But what is really hard? When no one believes in you, especially when most of them are the ones you'd expect to believe in you. That was really disappointing. Although, as a blogger, quitting is failure, not the downsides of your ads, nor the page views, right?
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• New Zealand
13 May 12
Hey there totally agree
@suni51 (2991)
• India
15 May 12
Sure, me too. I am with you in this matter. I also love my daughter.
@airkulet (2705)
• Philippines
9 Jun 12
I don't actually know the real story behind your rant but being a blogger we have also to proof that what we write is true, even though there is no rule and ethics in writing, as a blogger we should be responsible for what we write. But I love the way you pursue your career in blogging, yes it is really hard on the start but look at them they also experience your sentiments at their start of blogging career but they surpass it and established now as a good blogger
@erjnsimon (1191)
• Makati, Philippines
2 Jun 12
I am also a new blogger. I recently made a blog. Having good traffic to a blog is really hard. We all know that blogging is not as easy thing like tweeting or changing our status in facebook. Actually, i tried many blogging sites already and i all quit them because i can't find a good blogging platform aside from wordpress and blogger. But now, i am just concentrating with my blogger account and i want it to be active now.
@suni51 (2991)
• India
15 May 12
But why do they not believe you? They should support a new blogger ahead of old ones. You see if they will support new bloggers they in turn would do support more than old ones expect. Yes this is no good to loose the battle half way. You should never give-up. Just keep on doing your bit, every thing will be fine.