Domino's Pizza

Pasay, Philippines
May 13, 2012 2:15pm CST
It was after lunch when I woke up. I felt really hungry. I know I have to grab something to eat and I was craving for pizza lately. Lucky there's Domino's Pizza around Tiendesitas where I'm working at. Before hitting the groceries and binge eat, I took that dining experience. I'm telling you; it was aweful at first because there's just those plain tables in which obviously no one is dining in that stall for years (There's no usual flyers or menu; not even condiments on those monoblock pieces) But the food matter. Their 7" pizza matter. They have two flavors for small size; ham and bacon. I love bacon, and so I did try it. It was so hot the cheeze melts from within the bacon and bacon goodness is crispy and some parts are just soft enough. The best thing that could be match with this pizza is the pasta. I did dig in their Fetucinni Alfredo worth Php99 (around $2) and it was creamy. I didn't find it envigorating because it is not that type that has herbs and extra meat or ham on it. Just plain white sauce and mushrooms with seasoning; that's it. Too bad. In general; it was 6 out of 10 dining experience for me. The pizza was not bad. It was the pasta who ruined it.
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• United States
14 May 12
I actually think Domino's has the worst pizza out of all the pizza chains that exist. Their pizzas are just medicore. Pizza hut, Pizza Pipeline and a lot of other chains are better. Domino's is decent if you're hungry or its the only thing, but man, once you try pizza from another place, you're bound to like never go back to Domino's.
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• Pasay, Philippines
14 May 12
Yeah; I find it okay since I was hungry during that time. I had a bad experience with their Fettuccine lately. I somewhat agree to what you're telling me. Pizza Hut is still better; Shakey's is somewhat nice as well (although I love their promotions lately ^_^-) Happy mylotting :)
@johndur (3049)
• Pasig, Philippines
15 May 12
then next time dont get the fetucinni and get a lasagna well with pizza...