I wish the company I work for will decide to renovate the office

Calgary, Alberta
May 14, 2012 4:20am CST
How I wish the company I work for will decide to give the call center some sort of a make over or at least move us to a different building. I just got so tired of seeing the same place over and over again for 7 bloody years. The place didnt change at all....Only the people cos they fire employees regularly. I think one of the reason I hate my job is seeing the same place over and over again. I wont mind if they will move me to another branch of the company. I just feel stuck on this place.
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@mikyung (2234)
• Philippines
14 May 12
Hi CaptAlbertWhisker. We have something in common way back then - old place with the same old officemates.But I tried to see the other side of it and I came to understand the reason why they are not renovating that place aside from the cost that will be needed - it is because no one ever suggested that place to be renovated. I'm proud that I'm one of those who reinvented our "feedback box" As I see it, the way things are, you need to talk to your bosses, open up and tell honestly about what you feel about your place, the people, and your plans . I believe they will respect that and appreciate your courage to tell such things. In here, you may be able to give some constructive suggestions for your betterment and for the company's too. Who knows, you may also reinvent your company's "feedback box" Cheers!
• Calgary, Alberta
15 May 12
I will try to check if we have a feedback box, I think I desperately need to change, The only thing I am allowed to decorate would be my cubicle. i think my boss is happy and contented with everything because she is not changing anything. they can at least try to changing the carpet or hang some pictures.
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
15 May 12
Oh I wish that our company too.Our office never change for so many years.It looks old,it was just clean every week.I do hope that they renovate some part and redesign to look better and a bit clear and new.