Child constantly bites cuffs of his school uniform

@Timeout (419)
May 14, 2012 4:27am CST
I opened a thread some months ago asking for advice about a kid eating paper, mud, clay, chalks... Well he's now eating the cuffs of his school uniform, he has ruined 3 in a week. About this last one her mother said "I am not buying you any more did you understand??" and he said it was fine, but he now finished eating the cuffs and started eating the collar... today his mum asked me if I could drop him in school, so I did it, and on the way there I asked him his mum is very upset by him doing that and that he should stop. He said he doesn't want to stop, and when I asked him why does he keep doing it he says because he wants to. If it was in my hand, I'd dip the cuffs on chili sauce or something. What would you do? Did you have a problem like this?
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@mommaj (22715)
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14 May 12
Depending on the age of the child he may still be getting teeth in and it just feels good to chew. Give him something else to chew on. You can buy necklaces and bracelets that are teethers. I learned this because I have an autistic son who chews. He usually chews the most when he is upset or nervous.
@Timeout (419)
17 May 12
That is a really good idea! Thank you so much!