Fake Medical Certificate to be excused from absence at work

May 14, 2012 10:49am CST
At work, we are only given a limited number of leave credits that we can use when we're sick or when we're out for vacation. And, there are requirements to be granted those leave credits. To be granted a vacation leave, one must be able to file for it at least a couple weeks before the desired date. And, its still up for management approval, which mainly depends on business needs. When you're sick, you need to present a medical certificate that states the doctor's diagnosis and advise to take a rest for "x" number of days. This has to be shown to your direct superior the very day you come back to work. I receive a lot of medical certificates almost everyday from my team, with varying illness - there's gastritis, bronchitis, fever, URTI, diarrhea, headache and even dysmenorrhea. I heard from the group that there are doctors who issue medical certificates even if there's no truth to such illness. Or, perhaps these doctors are relatives or friends of the employee and would grant them the favor to help out. Have you heard of such scenario? Isn't it a malpractice for doctors to draft documents that are fake?