job and marriage

May 14, 2012 7:13pm CST
job and marriage, which is more important to you? given you haven't save enough money to support your rest life if no job.
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@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
15 May 12
i would say that a job is more important. you can always get married. it's not good to be broke, whether you are single or married, though.
@chymez_me (186)
• Philippines
15 May 12
job is more important to me.. i don't really want to be a burden if ever i want to get married.. i want to be able to say that i don't just rely on to someone and that i can live independently without someone who'll help me with financial needs.. :)
• Pasay, Philippines
15 May 12
In my personal views; it should be job. Marriage is just around the corner. I have experienced it personally. I thought I have the man of my dreams and we're engaged during that time when all of these problems surfaces without any warning at all; turns out to be that he can't handle it as much as I can and it grew separating us. For jobs; yeah- I got married to it LOL; I even have 3 of them at the same time and it gained me profit eventually; and now I'm about to meet my goals. Save yourself first before saving marriage; that's what I personally learned about what happened to our relationship. Yes it did hurt me a lot but it will hurt me more if I still continue saving what's not worth saving for. Besides, without resources; there's a thin chance that both of you will survive aside from love; it will burn you out and yearn for something more fruitful. "Save Me From Myself..."- I remembered that song eventually. It was from Vertical Horizon (I'm so not an obvious fan.. not too obvious; hahaha..) and when you hear that song, you will soon have that clear picture of prioritizing something that would not give you any more benefit that self-love