We found a DEAD body in our terrace!

May 15, 2012 12:45am CST
I was eating my lunch, then all of a sudden my niece shouted that there are some urine spilled on our terrace. I just ignored her then my mother told me to get an umbrella which happens to be outside, that was the time when we saw a brown-colored liquid that my niece thought as urine. It came from something below the chair, and when I lifted the chair there I saw the dead body of a CAT lying on the floor. We were wondering where it come from, for we never have cats. And my mother told me that maybe someone poisoned her, who on the house would do that by the way when we only ignored cats coming from outside our house that fed on the food we are giving to our dogs. And speaking of our dog, she is chained. Oh! what a pity cat to die with an unknown suspect. And for the rest, my appetite got lost of track and i stop my lunch.
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• Philippines
15 May 12
Scary..heheheheh even if it was just a cat.