Breast Cancer

May 15, 2012 7:04pm CST
Breast cancer has been the leading cause of death in my family. My mother's aunt died when I was 17 due to breast cancer. She was a very healthy woman only a week when she was diagnosed. Then one day she got hit on the breast by a ball because a group of kids was playing in front of her house. My mom decided to bring her to the doctor. After a few minutes of examination, the doctor called my mom, and told her the big news. My aunt had stage 4 breast cancer. Everything from that moment went so fast, from chemo-therapies, cobalt treatments, etc. She started growing weaker everyday. Until one day when she said, "I need to be with the Lord already". Since my aunt did not have her own family (she had no husband or kids), we decided to sit down with her and talk about the whole situation. Her siblings and my aunt decided to stop the treatments. She embraced her fate. A week after, my aunt died.
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