Average Indian Mentality and its side effect.

May 15, 2012 8:48pm CST
When a baby(boy/girl) is born in an Indian family, parents expect if he's a boy, his future of an engineer and if a girl, her future of a doctor. So from child's birth, preparations are made only on two careers either engineer or doctor. A child too works hard to achieve that goal what his/her parents are raising him/her for neglecting the dreams of a child. He/she works very hard from school days to college days to be an engineer or a doctor. When one fine day he becomes an engineer or a doctor,his/her parents want him/her to marry a beautiful or handsome spouse so that parents can spend rest of their lives with their grandparents. And this cycle goes on passing to generations of generations. Also most of the Indian minds are set likewise to become a doctor or an engineer so that he or she can get a good life partner to spend good life financially irrespective of the fact that whether it will be physically or mentally sound or not??? Unfortunately this is the average thinking of Indian minds. I don't know whether it is good or bad, whether it is exciting or boring, whether it should be called "living the life" or more specifically "killing the life"? What a dilemma like nobody wonders or hardly somebody care??? But what I see is its only one life to live either you want to explore to its extremes or you want the wind to move you on its own direction like it did to your generations.
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@beachdune (908)
• India
16 May 12
Exactly man . I was bought up in such a family In India . And I am a boy . Right from my young days , I was continuously told by my parents that I should an engineer when I grow up . During my childhood I never used to what was it all about . But now I just completed my class 12 and waiting admission in one of those thousand engineering colleges in India though I am not interested in engineering at all . One more thing that plays a major factor in this is the Indian society which values engineer and doctor more than any other profession .
• India
27 Jun 12
Right said dude, this is the problem with our society. They think being an engineer or a doctor is a status symbol. But the fact is only here in India there is no value of engineer or doctor, they are treated just like servants. Only respectable job that is praised in India is Government services or defense services. Even if one becomes an engineer or doctor, there are much hurdles after it. For example getting job in engineering is not easy no matter how much percentage you have or knowledge you have, but if you dont have contacts you cant progress unless you have graduated from a very renown college or university like IITs. Similarly,being a doctor is respectable but not enough to survive where profession is money based rather than human being. Rest all depends on individual thinking. I wish you all the very best for your future. Happy Mylotting.