barkada outcast

May 17, 2012 5:59am CST
We have this friend in our barkada whom we always talk about because of her bad attitude. a lot of guys have a crush on her s she flirts with them all the time. when there are group projects and she has ideas that we don't like, nagtatampo siya! she cries and threatens to leave our group. she always tries to make us feel jealous by bringing us to her house and showing off her latest designer stuff that her daddy bought for her dad (it turns out that it was her stepsisiter's closet). Before we got to know her, she acted like she had a tight-knit happy family, but she's living with her dad, his wife and their children, because her own mom's an Over seas Filipino worker who had her at a young age. is there a way we could talk to her without making her feel more miserable?
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• Calgary, Alberta
18 May 12
Just talk to her with things you enjoy with her,let her deal with her personal issues. Just stay with her for the reason she became your friend. just talk with her about the aspects of life that you enjoy with her. I just broke up with my friends because I cant relate to them and I felt like an odd man out, I was sticking out like a sore thump. so yeah now I hang out with my younger colleagues. yeah I am a 26 year old hanging out with 18 and 19 year olds but they are more fun as friends. I felt more comfortable with them and I can relate more with them.