Is there any online site that accepts PAYZA / ALERTPAY payments?

May 17, 2012 11:19pm CST
Hi all... I wish to know if there is any website that accepts PAYZA / ALERTPAY as payment in USD and sends goods or articles to INDIA via mail ? I have some money lying in there since 2-3 years and it is just idle.. I wish to spend it on myself at least having no regrets. Any suggestions welcome.
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• Chennai, India
18 May 12
2 - 3 years? Oh my God..That's a long time. I spent more than $100 during these years via Alertpay. (Paypal restricted Indians from spending, and thank God, Alertpay (payza) didn't.) I wonder from which site could you have earned via Alertpay? Why your site didn't have Paypal? Since exchanging or withdrawing have become remote, you can take the money as gone and take a chance investing in other sites which have paypal too. (Who knows, you may be lucky enough to earn that via paypal.) I invested zero money from my pocket, and already cashed out $68 from MyBrowserCash. And they are accepting investment via Alertpay and allowing cashout via Paypal. My sincere suggestion is to try that.(Since I started with zero investment, it took around 5 months to cashout $68. And as you would be starting with investment, you can do it in just 3 months or less.) Take a chance, I would say.
• Egypt
22 Sep 12
My friend,I think that Neteller bank is more better than payza but unfortunately you will find it limited and not used a lot like payza