Why like this?

May 18, 2012 6:45am CST
I'm 5 hours Online yesterday and Im Participating. I have $ 0.16 ernings yestaerday. I commented on a lot of disccusions. Nothing happens. Then I saw today It was $ 0.15. Why Like that? Whats happening on my erannigs?
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@mysdianait (64056)
• Italy
18 May 12
From your activity in your profile it is obvious that at least two of the discussions that youstarted were deleted. Many of your responses are just one liners, or even only a few words. MyLot pays us for QUALITY participation and if you hope to earn then you must be aware of the Guidelines and change what you are doing here. You also do not earn for the responses that others post on your topics. They earn for those. You will earn if you comment back to them with QUALITY comments which further the topic.
@plekenut (365)
• Indonesia
18 May 12
Maybe you expect too much with those earnings. In myLot, our earnings can not be speculate done at one time, but it can change some time (because of deletion maybe). Have fun and enjoy...
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@jambi462 (4598)
• United States
18 May 12
That's because one of the discussions you responded to most likely got deleted so you lose your payment for that discussion. As far as only having .15 today it's because your earnings from yesterday don't get added until a certain time the next day. So no worries
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@sayo13 (414)
• India
18 May 12
hello friend, my case is also similar to you , but in my case the earning is $0.1. its really embarrassing that after showing this kind of dedication and effort how can some one get such return?? well if this is the case and this goes on then i think i will be loosing much of my dedication and would like to invest my time in some other activity. I like to participate and like to express myself here but at least i should get something standard in return, else i can do lots of other things.For me time has to have some value.
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@yallit (3678)
• Philippines
18 May 12
Are some of your posts deleted? Because if they are, then, that's the reason why your earnings dropped.