Best Friend?

United States
May 18, 2012 9:02am CST
So my husband and I have a couple we are friend with from WA. He worked with my husband. I thought the wife was a good friend of mine, but the longer we were friends and the more things happend the more I started thinking she is kind of selfish and immature. She did help me a lot with my kids and I helped her a lot through her pregnancy, birth and after. We moved and I tried to keep a good relationship and she said she has, but it hasnt been that way. I would like to just cut all ties with her, but do remember the good times we had. So Im just keeping her as a friend on FB, but I only talk with her if she actually contacts me. She will bad mouth ppl to me, but than acts like their friend to their face. I told her this makes me wonder if she does that to me. She always says no, but i have a hard time believing it. Why is the world full of fake, sefish people?
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• United States
18 May 12
Becuase people are innately selfish in their needs and wants for their life. Some people will step on whoever, and run the bus right over others just to get to their idea of the 'top' in the world. Just minimize your contact with her and eventually over time you will loose contact. Until then, remember 'loose lips sink ships'.
• United States
18 May 12
Yes, I have stepped back from contacting with her. She hardly contacts me so this isnt a hard thing to do. Its a sad situation. I thought she was a better friend, but I just feel like she used me.
• Philippines
22 May 12
Yes, we can say that our world today is filled with hatred and selfishness. We can change those attitudes in a better way but there are times that we cannot change what the world is experiencing right now. Hatred and selfishness are the ones that I always observe with our world especially when it comes to politics. We don't know what we all people are doing in their daily life and we don't know what people thinks. There are some people who can change those attitudes by having personal conversation.